He's not sorry!

If you want to read more about Facebook culture and behaviour, we are listing here articles that are not scandals but more background articles on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has spend the 15 past years apologizing (Washington Post, 2018; Wired, 2018) about the multiple scandals which resulted to the projects he directed. However, every year, it happens again. We decided to create this website to keep track of all Facebook's misbehaviors.

Competition authorities struggle to evaluate the effect of mergers between social media platforms when prices are zero and standard tools like cross-price elasticities are of little use. This column argues that social media platforms are 'attention brokers' that help incumbents maintain market power in other industries by restricting producers’ targeted access to individual consumers. User overlap is more important as a predictor of competition problems than traditional aggregate usage shares. (Tommaso Valleti - EU Commission DG COMP)


Source: https://social.wxcafe.net/system/media_attachments/files/001/918/904/original/9c219c1b281ecf3c.jpeg?1552686374