Because listing scandals is not enough, we must fight against Facebook's power over our online lives!

We are listing here projects that fight against Facebook by challenging Facebook in courts or building alternatives.

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Panptykon banner

SIN vs FACEBOOK (Panptykon Foundation - PL)

Website: https://panoptykon.org/sinvsfacebook/en

The ‘Civil Society Drug Policy Initiative’ (‘Społeczna Inicjatywa Narkopolityki’, or ‘SIN’) is a Polish NGO which has for many years conducted educational activities concerning the harmful consequences of drug use as well as provided assistance to people who abuse such substances, including harm reduction activities.

In 2018, without any warning or clear explanation, Facebook removed fan pages and groups run by SIN. The platform had characterized them as ‘in violation of Community Standards’.

In January 2019, one of the SIN’s accounts on Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook, was also removed in similar circumstances.

On 7 May 2019 SIN, supported by the Panoptykon Foundation, filed a lawsuit against Facebook, demanding restoration of access to the removed pages and accounts as well as a public apology.

Read more on the website: https://panoptykon.org/sinvsfacebook/en

Action against Facebook logo

La Quadrature du Net's (FR) legal challenge against Internet Giants (among which Facebook)

Website: https://gafam.laquadrature.net

La Quadarature du Net launched a series of legal actions against Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft arguing the illegality of the use of the personal data of their users in the light of the recent European Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR).

Read more on the website: https://gafam.laquadrature.net/

PRISM BREAK: get out of the surveillance capitalism system

Website: https://prism-break.org/

Learn about alternative tools againts surveillance capitalism (such as the one done by Facebook). Those tools do not track you and do not make your privacy a commodity.

Read more on the website: https://prism-break.org/

Big Brother Awards logo

Big Brother Awards International: watching the watchmen worldwide

Website: http://bigbrotherawards.org/ or the German website: https://bigbrotherawards.de/en

Government agencies and private companies are increasingly violating the privacy of people everywhere. Enormous amounts of personal data are being collected, stored and processed - often illegally - in the pursuit of more efficient marketing, greater social control, and more powerful mechanisms for monitoring of the citizen.

Fighting crime by committing one appears to be the future solution for law enforcement agencies in the information society of the 21 century. But - who watches the watchmen?

Initially Privacy International and later a growing number of other human rights groups present the annual Big Brother Awards to government agencies, private companies and individuals who have excelled in the violation of our privacy.

The juries worldwide consist of lawyers, academics, consultants, journalists, civil right activists...

Read more on the website: http://bigbrotherawards.org/ or the German website: https://bigbrotherawards.de/en